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Wheelchair Accessible 4 Bed

Date: 2009- 2010

Services: Full Architectural Service


The clients were a couple with three young children who required that the house be modified to accommodate a fully powered wheelchair. The existing house was most unsuitable for this purpose and DKAD’s first recommendation was for the family to relocate to a single story home, unfortunately conditions in the property market at the time precluded this course of action, and the clients commissioned extremely extensive renovations to this house.

This project was among the most complex and extensive renovation projects possible on a conventional semi- detached home.

This situation was further complicated by the large amount of circulation space required for a fully powered to function. The design challenge this presented was to adapt all floor levels for wheelchair accessibility, to insert a lift, accessible bathroom facilities and additional bedroom accommodation at attic level.

The wheelchair user required a large bedroom with an adjacent accessible bathroom. These two rooms needed to be very large and ultimately grew to occupy half of the first floor. The two remaining siblings therefore lost their bedrooms. Because of this, it was necessary to apply for Planning Permission to create two small bedrooms at attic level.

Internal Spaces

The spaces that have been created are of a greater scale then would typically be possible in a multiple housing scheme. I believe that the success of this project is that it shows how accessible design and good architectural design demand the same things: generous spaces, room to move around, clean lines and the elimination of very small rooms.

Planning Issues

The works required Planning Permission. Unfortunately the clients had a overwhelming need to build an extension which was bigger and more obtrusive than would normally be permitted by a Local Authority.

  • Suspended Sink Unit
  • Accessible Shower
  • Lift Entrance to Open Plan Space
  • Kitchen Fittings
  • Kitchen Facing Garden
  • Photomontage Showing Effect of Dormer Windows on Street

There were several elements of the design which we decided to include in the Planning Application, in spite of the fact that they would not typiclly be granted in this context. These included a front dormer window and a rear roof garden. While it was unlikely that these would be granted, the clients hoped to lobby the Local Authority extensively to seek that an exception to the standard guidelines be made. The Local Authority applied the standard guidelines rigorously.

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