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What Does “Standard Construction” Mean?

In Ireland and the UK, standard residential construction is commonly understood to refer to the level of specification of a new speculatively built home. It could also be defined as the minimum “visual” standard of construction at which a developer can expect to sell speculatively built homes within a timely manner. It is usually also the lowest “technical” standard of construction permitted by law. At the moment, this level of specification is characterised by painted sand and cement render on external walls, synthetic slate roofs, UPVC windows, and red deal internal joinery. Construction details at this level are often based on the Technical Guidance Documents of the Building Regulations.

Most building contractors consider this level of specification as a baseline when quoting for building work, because it is the lowest level of specification they can legally sell. When a customer asks a builder for a building of a certain size without specifying how it will be built, this is the standard they quote for by default.

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