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Virtual Renovations

Selling and old house can be a challenge. This service package allows vendors and estate agents to sell a house on the basis of it’s re-development potential, with architect’s drawings and hard figures to back up their claims!

In a competitive property market, new and recently renovated homes are always more attractive to purchasers, but vendors often can’t afford to spend tens of thousands on large scale renovations or extensions.This is a service package for people trying to sell existing houses which are in need of renovation or modernisation. DKAD can produce a design, computer graphics, and estimate of construction costs which will enable a vendor to market their property as a lucrative redevelopment opportunity, rather than just a shabby property!

Commercial Concept

In Ireland, the cost of construction is at an historically low level, and this can present an opportunity for people brave enough to buy an old house. In many areas, it is cheaper to build new space than to buy a larger house. Houses which are in need of renovation or modernisation, can be extended by buyers to create large bespoke homes.

This service package gives vendors a clear drawing of what can be built, lists what internal changes can be made, and how much space can be created, and clearly states how much the building work would cost. This pack allows vendors and estate agents to sell a house on the basis of it’s potential, with hard figures to back up their claims.

How this Service Works

  1. The client completes the booking form from the “Downloads” page, and pays a 20% deposit to DKAD.
  2. The client provides any additional information or requirements in written form.
  3. A DKAD architect or other qualified surveyor will visit the site and conduct a measured survey.
  4. DKAD will produce drawings, visualisations and reports as offered below, and notify the client that the work has been prepared.
  5. Upon payment of the balance of fees due, DKAD will send the completed pack to the client or estate agent as agreed.

Virtual House Extension Document Pack

This is a basic package of designs and professional opinions intended to let a prospective purchaser know what can be built, if such work will require Planning Permission, and how much it will cost. The following drawings and documents are provided.

  • Design Survey and Photographic Record
  • Measured plans and elevations of recommended works.
  • Schedule of main works with architect’s price estimate.
  • Architect’s determination of requirement for Planning Permission

Visualisation Tools

In addition to telling the purchaser what can be done, and what it will cost, we can provide high quality images and models to assist estate agents in explaining the development potential of dilapidated houses. The costs of the visualisation tools are available from the “Downloads” page, or by contacting us by phone or email.

  • Sketchup Model
  • Digitally Rendered 3D model
  • Traditional white card architectural model

Benefits and Drawbacks of Basic “Sketchup” Models

Sketchup is a quick, easy to use and affordable 3D modelling computer program. It represents the most basic form of 3d representation available. In the context of house extensions and renovations, such computer models show how spaces would be created, and how the building might look, in a “cartoon- like” way. Such models are the cheapest to prepare, and unlike more expensive forms of modelling, they do not show materials clearly, they do not show the effect of light in spaces, and they do not have the realistic photographic quality commonly seen in estate agents’ marketing literature.

Benefits and Drawbacks of “Rendered” 3D Models

The 3d models described above can be improved by processing them using another computer program typically called a “rendering engine”. This second program will calculate the effect of sunlight, represent materials more realistically and generate shadows and reflections. Such images can be used to show prospective purchasers what spaces would feel like and what sort of atmosphere they would achieve.

Benefits of Traditional White Card Architectural Models

Architectural models are the best tool an architect can provide to demonstrate the effectiveness, aesthetics and logic of a design. When an estate agent has a complete scale model at their disposal, any prospective purchaser can simply measure and compare the spaces with the use of a calculator and an ordinary ruler. With 3D graphics, designs can seem very abstract and this can make them seem vague and unclear. It is also common knowledge that such digital  images can be distorted; prospective purchasers may not feel convinced that the design shown will be possible in real life. White card models are clear, unambiguous and legible.

The only drawback of a card model is that they require many days to produce by hand, and therefore they are the most expensive form of visualisation tool offered by DKAD.