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The Right Advice at the Right Time- Positive Feedback from A Client for our Initial Consultation Service

Over the last couple of years, escalating construction costs and intense competition among house buyers have created a situation where architects’ feasibility assessments have become an essential service for anyone buying a home in need of renovation. 

Hi Diarmuid,

I am emailing to say a big thank you for your advice last month in relation to a house we were in the process of buying in ******** and for earlier guidance also. You initially came and looked at a fixer-upper with us on ********* ***** in Dublin and based on our consultation with you, we got sense and thankfully didn’t bid very high and didn’t get it.


But then last month I called you in a panic in relation to another house and the integrity or otherwise of the extension, under extreme pressure from the vendors. You were really helpful and considered in your advice and very generous with your time, given that I called cold (from a noisy train station). Based on your very good advice, we took a modest calculated risk with the house but feel confident that we did the right thing and are now happily installed. Now we just need to save for the renovation. But having taken your original advice, we went for a house that is very liveable and can do without significant work for a while.


So sincerest thanks again for your assistance and time which were invaluable. I hope to be in touch in a year or two when we are ready for the next stage!


Very best wishes and Happy Hallowe’en



What Service Did Sinead Receive? Why was it so Important?

House buyers typically underestimate the cost of building work needed to make older houses suitable for contemporary living. In the midst of house- hunting with all the stress and uncertainty that entails, the reluctance to critically assess renovation costs puts many people at serious risk of over- bidding. 

This can ultimately mean being left with inadequate homes they cannot afford to improve.

Getting Enough Information for the “Quick No”

While architects usually create value by defining what and how to build, it’s never been more important for us to advise restraint; is is frequently more appropriate and responsible to tell clients the reasons not to undertake construction, and to provide quick, realistic budget estimates early enough for clients to avoid buying money- pits. 

Initial consultations typically involve a visit  to a property, taking key dimensions, and assessing the condition of the major building elements, followed by an outline brief and very rough sketch for the client’s desired extension or renovation work. We compare the client’s desired sketches to similar examples of our previous work, and simply tell clients what those similar building projects involved, and what it would cost to do the same project at today’s rates for domestic construction.

Viability Crisis for Home Renovation Sector 

In 2014, more than half our initial consultations with homeowners led to design and construction work. It should serve as evidence of the viability crisis in Irish construction that in 2018 this proportion has fallen to less than twenty percent.

Our initial consultation and feasibility stage services are described on this page. 

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