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How Do I Check my Insurance Needs Before starting Building Work on My Home?

This is a common question, and it applies to all projects, after a builder has been selected, while the building contract is being finalized. This is a simple DIY guide to assessing your insurance needs for the duration of construction, but we also suggest talking to your insurance broker, if you have one, or some other specialist adviser if you’re unsure about your needs. You will need the following documents: Your home insurance policy A sample copy of the standard RIAI Yellow form building contract from your architect A breakdown or summary of the contractor’s insurance. Notify the Insurance Company You must talk to your home insurance company before work...

Quantity Surveyor Illustration

Quantity Surveyor- Your Design Team FAQ

The role of the QS is described elsewhere on this site in some detail. Please see our FAQ section on Budgeting and Costs They are experts in measuring, predicting and controlling costs in a building project. Their work is complex and they achieve very accurate cost predictions using a variety of means. QS work for a typical home renovation project might follow these steps: Provide detailed guidance to a homeowner on the overall budget strategy at design stage based on design sketches Provide additional advice on the commercial aspect of contracts and project planning Study the completed design drawings including the size of the building and the materials specified. List...

The Construction Contract- Legal Frameworks of Construction FAQ

The Construction Contract- Legal Frameworks of Construction FAQ

The standard building contracts have been developed continuously by the professional bodies for over 170 years. They set out many of the historic working conventions of the building industry in writing, and act as a “rule book” for the construction stage of architectural projects. The RIAI produce a range of contracts for different types of commercial situations. The actual contract (shown in this picture) forms one part of the paperwork for administering a construction project. There are three main parts, without these it is impossible to properly manage a building project: Drawings, specifications, lists and other statements of the scope of what the employer is asking for. A pricing document...