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Summer Holidays- DKAD Shall Close from Monday 27th July- Tuesday 4th August

Diarmuid and Mary's Wedding Invitation

Diarmuid and Mary’s Wedding Invitation

Diarmuid Kelly is pleased to announce that he is getting married to the lovely Mary Plunkett on 17th July, and shall be on honeymoon from 17th July 2015 until 4th August 2015. The office of DKAD shall close completely for one week of annual holidays from Monday 27th July until Tuesday 4th August.


A phone answering service shall be in place to answer all calls, and emails will be checked periodically.The website, online payment systems, and  the online project management environment shall remain in operation.

Phone messages and emails will be answered promptly after the 4th August. In case of emergency, please email cassia@dkad.ie with the heading URGENT.

Continuity of Service

All project plans and inspection schedules have been adjusted to accommodate these arrangements, and this time coincides with the traditional builders’ holidays. We anticipate no disruption to our clients’ projects.


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