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Specific Services

Some clients prefer to manage parts of the building- procurement process themselves to save money, and DKAD provides specific services on a task by task basis, such as applying for planning permission, or producing a sketch design. This task by task process allows clients to avoid some of the cost of “Full Architectural Service”. Most architects would probably agree that this is usually a false economy; unless the clients have substantial experience in the construction industry, they are likely to make expensive mistakes in the absence of expert advice.

Services by specific agreement are most suitable for commercial clients who procure building work regularly and such agreements are really not advisable for ordinary home- owners. Architectural expertise adds value, exploits design opportunities and pre-empts expensive problems at every stage of the design process. As architects, we cannot translate our vision and design expertise to a project without being involved in the project from design stage through to construction.

However, limited services can be provided where requested, subject to negotiation. It should be noted, that DKAD will not typically issue “Opinions on Compliance” for buildings unless they were retained for at least the technical design and construction stages.  Please see our “Agreement for Specific Services” on the “Downloads” page.