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Invoice Number INV-DKAD-23-168
Invoice Date 13/10/2023
Due Date 13/10/2023
Total Due €3,918.17
Gerard Murphy

7 Achill Road
Dublin 9
D09 R8N0

As per fee proposal (except where later inclusions/omissions as noted)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Stage 1 Item 8 (originally omitted from Fee Proposal)

Modification and review, implementing design changes from first design version, to create additional design presentation.

1 Stage 3 Item 18

General arrangement drawings (principal plans, sections and elevations of house for construction with selected 3D views)

1 Stage 3 Item 19 - OMITTED

Advise on appointment of consultants: QS, M&E, Structural engineer. Circulate drawings, describe project, obtain fee quotes on behalf of client - OMITTED

1 Stage 3 Item 20

Additional production drawings for construction: General construction details as required by design, may include window schedule, drainage layout.

1 Stage 3 Item 21

Detailed 3D Kitchen and bathroom Layout Design for space optimisation

1 Stage 3 Item 22

Collate design information from consultants and suppliers and integrate to BIM model. Rework technical design to reflect design work of consultants and suppliers.

1 Health and Safety at Design Stage

Two thirds charged to date

Sub Total €3,185.50
VAT €732.67
Total Due €3,918.17

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