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Services and Fees

What Do We Usually Charge Homeowners and What Do you Get for Your Money?

Key Price Data:

  • Historical average fee for home renovations: 10% of Ex. VAT Construction Budget
  • Current average fee range from this office (Jan 2014): 7%-11% Ex VAT Construction Budget
  • Lowest fee for a home owner in last 10 years: €375
  • Highest fee package for a home owner in last 10 years: €17500
  • Initial consultation visit to your home: €350 Inc VAT (in Dublin or North East, with possible additional travel time costs) Check out most current pricing and options here.
  • Approximate cost per square metre for standard construction: €2300 per square metre of new building

All fee packages are tailored to your own needs and budget, so prices vary from project to project depending on the size of the building and the depth and complexity of design work requested.

In general design work ranges in value from hundreds of Euro for preliminary sketches which might take two or three days, to several thousand Euro for complex services for design and construction contract administration which take several months or years to complete.

New Architectural Services

In addition to traditional architectural services, depending on the size and nature of the project home owners may also require an architect to undertake legal responsibilities under health and safety legislation and the new Building Control Amendment Regulations. These are new requirements which came into effect over the last year. No consistent average fee has yet emerged for such services.

See our FAQ section on budgeting and costs

Link to consumer advice on architects fees from RIAI (official regulatory body)

Contact us now to to arrange a two- hour introductory meeting at your house. Or select a project from the portfolio menu.

What We Do:

DKAD specialises in both luxury, and highly practical domestic additions and refurbishments. We are a design practice, and we never use standard plans. We meet with clients many times over the course of a design process and take time to truly understand their tastes and needs. Whether your budget is small or large, we believe that a tailored solution will always deliver the best value for your home.

  1. Every project goes through its own unique and rigorous design process, from listening to your ideas, through deciding on the right course of action, and choosing fixtures and fittings for the completed building.
  2. House plans, sections and elevations for construction can be generated using highly sophisticated “Building Information Modelling” techniques. This is the fastest and most dynamic way to design and manage a building project.
  3. We believe in understanding your needs and communicating our ideas clearly. On average, clients have more than ten hours face to face contact with their architect during the first part of the design stage.
  4. During construction, you will enjoy the comfort and security of a fully administered building contract.
  5. We can provide full architectural service, or specific services.
  6. If you are considering s simple conservatory, a sun room, or kitchen extension you should always have the benefit of architectural advice.
  7. See your project in 3D, as a traditional model, or a sophisticated digital image.

There has never been a better time to procure architectural services; our fees are still at historically low levels, design fees should not be considered an additional cost, but a critical value adding process. It is most important to differentiate between Full Architectural Service and Specific Services or simply contact us.

Estimate the size of space you want in square meters and the rough cost of “non- standard” features, then divide by 20

Budgeting and Costs

Articles and Resources for Clients
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When Will I Know Exactly What My New Home Will Cost?

As a construction project progresses through the architectural design process, the definition of the budget increases at key stages. At the earliest design stage, the budget begins as an architect’s estimate based on their experience working with similar projects. When design drawings are produced, they can be referred to a quantity surveyor for a cost plan to guide decisions in a more detailed way. Several builders may provide quotations for the work, which must be checked and may be subject to additional negotiation.

Attic Conversions- What You Really Need to Know

Attic conversions have always been a popular option for low cost storage space or another bedroom. The standard of construction was historically poor. Converting at attic to proper standards is not difficult, but it but it's no longer a "low cost" option. Beware of companies offering to convert your attic cheaply. They could create expensive and potentially dangerous defects.

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Assigned Certifier Services Re-imagined to Add Value

Assigned Certifier Services Re-imagined to Add Value

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What Unforeseen Factors Can Increase my Home Renovation Budget?

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What Does Standard Construction Look LIke?

What Does Standard Construction Look LIke?

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What is a Bill of Quantities?

A bill of quantities (BoQ) is essentially a very long, carefully prepared shopping list for the parts and labour needed....

What Does “Reinstatement Value” Mean?

This is a term coined by the insurance industry to define the amount of money they may pay out if...

What is a Quantity Surveyor and Do I Need One?

What is a Quantity Surveyor and Do I Need One?

These cost control tasks can be done by the architect OR with the assistance of a quantity surveyor: Cost control...

What is a Tender Process?

What is a Tender Process?

Key Steps in A Tender Process: A technical design is prepared by the architects and engineers. The quantity surveyor (if...

Creation of the Bill of Quantities

Creation of the Bill of Quantities

When a scheme design has been completed, a quantity surveyor may be employed by the client to advise on the...

What is A Schedule of Rates?

What is A Schedule of Rates?

A schedule of rates is a breakdown of the parts of a building by category, which is prepared by builders...

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