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Resources for Clients

Over the coming weeks I plan to post a series of online articles for the benefit of prospective clients, which can be found under the heading “Resources for Clients” in the dkad.ie website menu. These articles seek to answer frequently asked questions about domestic renovation projects, and to provide background information on building procurement which is essential for any homeowner seeking to build or extend their home.

The articles will take the form of “consumer guides” and while they are obviously intended to promote and enhance the user experience of the dkad.ie website, they are written in an impartial and informative way. I hope the information provided will be useful for clients planning renovation projects, or thinking about engaging DKAD (or other architects) for design work.

I have had ideas for many such articles over the years; much of the content comes directly from briefing letters and emails to clients where I have explained practical issues ranging from construction budgets to the process of creating large openings in structural walls. As such, the information will be organised by logical topics, it is written in a discursive style and is intended as general advice. It is not intended as a strict legal interpretation of any specific situation.

Comments or Queries

Prospective suppliers and other professionals may wish to add comments or suggest ideas and links to their products; if so, please email me at info@dkad.ie and I will add useful information to the articles as appropriate. Comments cannot be added to the articles by users, but feel free to link to this website from any discussion forum if you wish to air any of these issues on a wider stage.

Use of Content by Other Businesses

Readers may feel free to link to these pages as a source of information for their customers.

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