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DKAD Design Studio Pass

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What is the “Studio Pass” Area

To enrich our design practice, we have created a members- only area specifically for architects, designers, students and design enthusiasts. Our aim is to create a “safe space” for design innovation; to advance and discuss untested ideas, novel concepts and abstract design theory. This area of the site may not be interesting to those not engaged in design work, and may be inaccessible to prospective clients who rely on the main body of the website for help and proven advice.

Such topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Unfinished design work or work in progress
  2. Background work, supporting or exploratory research and images
  3. New technology research and implementation in our architectural practice
  4. Commentary on changes to regulations or laws which may only be appropriate in a closed discussion with other professionals.
  5. Future and emerging practices, techniques and services which are under development or discussion, but are not yet available to clients.

This area of the dkad.ie website is different to our client orientated public website:

  • Users can make and view comments
  • Access to this content is primarily free
  • Some premium content will be posted, subject to payment of a once off fee, where the materials are of commercial use, to recoup cost of investing time in creating and sharing innovative practices.
  • Members to this area must subscribe to notifications when new content is added.
  • Membership must be approved before access is enabled.

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