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Rear Extension- Value Engineered Technical Design in Progress


We are currently developing this sketch design in consultation with builders to achieve the lowest possible construction cost. Located in Co. Meath, we are delighted with the spaces we are creating for a growing family.

Many design professionals would ask: is a value engineered design “really architecture”?

A “value engineered” design process means selecting materials and construction processes based on price rather than aesthetic value. It’s an appropriate approach when clients need a lot of new space without spending a lot of money. This usually happens at the expense of the sculptural quality of the building

The challenge for us is to retain as much character as possible. Value Engineered designs cannot rely on expensive materials or expert detailing to achieve good results. The building work will all be executed using semi-skilled labour and low cost solutions for every building element.

Only very robust architectural forms can survive this process. We as architects must achieve our clients’ design goals in 1:50 plans, sections and elevations.

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