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Quantity Surveyor- Your Design Team FAQ

The role of the QS is described elsewhere on this site in some detail. Please see our FAQ section on Budgeting and Costs

They are experts in measuring, predicting and controlling costs in a building project. Their work is complex and they achieve very accurate cost predictions using a variety of means. QS work for a typical home renovation project might follow these steps:

  1. Provide detailed guidance to a homeowner on the overall budget strategy at design stage based on design sketches
  2. Provide additional advice on the commercial aspect of contracts and project planning
  3. Study the completed design drawings including the size of the building and the materials specified.
  4. List the work and materials required in a complex “Bill of Quantities”, or smaller cost plan
  5. State likely market prices for each element leading to an overall budget prediction.
  6. During construction the QS for the builder will make claims for payment and the QS for the customer will check that those claims are correct and accurate under the building contract.

Contractors employ QS services for practically every project. Home owners undertaking building work usually employ a QS when the project is complex enough to require a Bill of Quantities. They may need a QS on smaller projects if a bank, public body or investor requests rigorous budget control.

A QS makes a valuable addition to any design team, and as design architects, we feel that they help us focus on design, by specialising in the commercial aspects of project delivery.

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