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Quality Assurance

DKAD is a small practice; however, we aim to maintain the highest standards of design, and client service possible with the resources at our disposal. We adhere to the same quality management systems and structures found in long-established medium and large practices. We use the RIAI Good Practice Guide, and the RIBA Job Book in the management of architectural projects, and in addition, we use our own DKAD Practice Manual which has been written to ensure consistency in our internal working processes. We employ cutting edge design technology in all of our projects, and employ staff and contractors fully qualified in the relevant technology.

DKAD is aligned and substantially compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO/IES 27000 and employs processes for continuous improvement of quality management processes.

The majority of design work is currently done by Diarmuid Kelly, however, we maintain a network of architectural graduates, other architects, engineers, interns, designers and artists with whom we collaborate on various projects.