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Our website has grown over the last decade to encompass and enhance all aspects of our professional practice. The freely available content at the core of dkad.ie is written to advise people seeking information about design and construction, and to showcase our architectural portfolio: in technical terms its a conventional “brochure” and “content marketing” site. The website is the storefront or showroom of our business, public content is carefully crafted, controlled and edited. But like any business, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Our members-only areas are kept separate to simplify the user experience for homeowners seeking guidance in the renovation process.

Online services and standardized interactions have become a driving force wherever our practice interacts creatively with other: businesses, individuals, institutions or groups. In the same way, an office building might have a neat foyer with display images, formal meeting rooms, breakout spaces, a vault containing precious trade secrets, and a private realm of vibrant studio space.

Our members- only areas are intended to provide this variety of environments, virtually:

From a “safe space” for discussing new design ideas with other design professionals, to a system for administering tender processes, helping graduates find their niche in our profession, or giving highly detailed briefing notes to clients, this website is integral to the full range of activities in our practice.

Paid, Free, and Fixed Duration Access Rules

  • Premium content like client briefing notes, has a monetary value to a specific group of readers, and is behind a conventional “paywall.”
  • Premium content access is is usually included for our architectural clients, as part of their overall fee package.
  • Access to discussion forums is free, but to remain useful it should be limited to certain people such as other designers, suppliers with a design role, consultants, architecture students and academics in related fields.
  • This access is subject to approval, after providing basic information about who you are, what you do and your interest in the relevant discussion.
  • Some access is limited by time, for example job seekers applying for work in our practice may need specific questionnaires as part of the assessment and recruitment process, which are in effect proprietary materials, and should no longer be available to them should they end up working for our competitors.
  • This entire process is governed by our Privacy Policy
Studio Pass- DKAD Online Design Community
Our members- only "design safe space" is an area of our site specifically for other architects, designers, students and design enthusiasts, to discuss ideas, ongoing work and design practice.
Behind the scenes access to work in progress designs
Comment, share and discuss with other users in a members- only environment
Access premium content on a pay as you go basis.
Access Subject to Admin Approval
Members should be part of the broad design community

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