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Our Ultimate Teenager’s Bedroom- Work in Progress

Sleeping level and private social space

Bedroom with Sleeping level and Private Study or Social space

The quality which distinguishes truly life- altering family homes is the ability for a large group of people to share it while each living their life to the full. This luxury home has twin split- level bedrooms to the front in addition to the master suite at the rear. They each feature front balconies, (out of frame) and are designed to accommodate a range of uses within the private space. Contemporary family structures create a pattern of use where adult children may live in the family home until their late twenties, or relatives may travel from across the world for extended visits.

Whether for family members or guests, such bedrooms must be comfortable to sleep in, dress, relax or study.

In this version, we show the structural glulam frame of the house, and the oak studs of the secondary structure. This is intended to set a scale for furniture and objects in the space, while creating a sculptural link to the overall home.

Having created this image, we feel that the light levels are somewhat stark; in the next version we shall include a brise soleil to the front, and will limit the extent of glazing to the rear. Additional soft furnishings, such as curtains should be considered, but are not core elements of the architecture.



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