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Assigned Certifier Services Re-imagined to Add Value

Additional inspection costs needn't be dead money

Additional inspection costs needn’t be dead money

Worried about Building Control? The government created the complex new building control system in response to Priory Hall, but DKAD have re-imagined the paperwork, checklists and procedures to empower our clients as never before.

4 Steps that Make our Building Control Service Different?

  1. Harness the Potential of Your Expanded Design Team
  2. Use New Record Keeping Procedures as Project Planning Tools
  3. Refine and Streamline the Processes
  4. Innovate to Create Management Information and Project Insights

SI-09 2014 demands that you pay for a lot more professional services than you might otherwise want: more information, more spreadsheets, thicker files, a bigger team of professionals and more accountability. We believe this extra work can be structured and augmented to create a service concept which gives you better control of your project than ever before.

  1. Harness the Potential of Your Expanded Design Team

The Building Control law means that every commercial new build must have at least one registered professional (Design Certifier/ Assigned Certifier), and usually a design team comprising: an architect, an engineer and a quantity surveyor. This team need not merely deal with red tape, they can also provide ideas, analysis and design refinements at all stages of the process.

  1. Use New Record Keeping Procedures as Project Planning Tools

The Building Control system generates a lot of perfunctory paperwork including inspection plans, records of communications between team members, inspection records, and certificates. You ultimately pay for this through higher tender prices for construction and professional services.

Why not do more with this information?

At DKAD we have invested in project management technology on the private area of dkad.ie which allows you to administer your Building Control information online; use the additional data to help build better strategy and optimise the building process. The DKAD Project Management Environment converts frustrating expenditure on statutory record keeping into valuable management data.

  1. Refine and Streamline the Processes

One of the biggest changes in the construction industry is a new culture of accountability. Designers, specifiers, inspectors and certifiers must now account for every site visit, and every major design decision as a matter of course. This can only be achieved by establishing procedures, checks and balances.We have assembled a comprehensive package of process documents to meet your responsibilities under the current Building Control Regulations. We are poised to offer high quality services for the roles of Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier, in addition to PSDP and core architectural work. These templates have been developed over the last eight months, with regard to best practice and they have been built upon the solid foundation of reliable processes and sound technology for which DKAD is known.

  1. Innovate to Create Management Information and Project Insights

How does this new IT infrastructure convert compliance reports and inspection plans into strategic business data?

We can now offer in house project management information services on the private area of the DKAD.ie website. If you chose to avail of this service for your project we can help you plan, schedule and visualise deadlines in a collaborative online environment.We take the detailed Building Control plans and convert them into a detailed project plan. We then issue confidential passwords to the design and construction team to view the plan and post updates and changes to their schedule.

Features Include:

  • Secure discussion forum for problem solving and file transfer
  • Secure online access for all clients and team members from design stage through construction
  • Total control of who can access what
  • Shared project calendars, Gantt charts, to do lists and milestones.
  • Daily task lists for all team members.

These services are available to all DKAD clients subject to our fee agreement.

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