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Online Q&A

DKAD Online Advice Service

This service is for anyone with a minor architectural query or question, which can be answered by email, or via Skype. It may be useful for people considering undertaking building work to their home, or people who are already involved in a design process and would like a second opinion.

If you query is complex, or if it’s a question that requires a site visit, it will require us to to do research to give you a proper response, and we will respond to your email with a quotation if substantial services are required. In many cases, we can provide quick answers to your questions, or refer you to other online resources.

  1. Send an email to info@dkad.ie.
  2. Write “online Q&A” in the subject bar.
  3. Check out the briefing documents on the “downloads” if you would like to provide us with a DIY survey to help us understand your query.
  4. Write your query in the email and provide pictures, or a completed pre- consultation questionnaire, or scanned drawings,  or video as attachments to describe your site, building or situation.


We offer this service as a courtesy to our prospective clients and online readers, and accept no professional liability for information provided unless a signed client- architect agreement is in place.