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New Supplier Form

New Suppliers: you must provide us with key information before we can recommend your product or service.

Our Records for Technical Specification of Construction Products

Before recommending any materials, building components or specialist services to our clients, we are legally required to obtain and verify technical and commercial information about products, services and the companies selling them. To make this process easier and more transparent for our suppliers, we have created this form. Complete the form here or use it as a check-list and send the required documents by post. 

The information varies, but typically includes standard details, indicative prices, impartial testing information and technical accreditation. The documentation relevant to your product or service may be uploaded by clicking “select file” and “submit” at the bottom of this page.  

Recommended Uploads or Links:

  1. Product brochure- should state physical properties of materials and relevant technical data of components. 
  2. Manufacturer’s Declaration of Performance under EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011 – CPR)
  3. Any NSAI.ie National Annex Documents under EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011 – CPR)
  4. Copy of Arement Cert or Recognised Testing Certificate
  5. CAD drawing or Building Information Model of the Component or Material in Revit 2014 format or later. 
  6. Image of the product, as applied to a building
  7. Copy of a reference from a previous client (for services)

In addition information is required in all fields.

NOTE: Some users have had problems using the form. We are working to troubleshoot it, in the meantime, if you have difficulty please add the information listed below to an email and simply send it to info@dkad.ie.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Add information to the fields.
  2. “Select file” and browse to the files you wish to upload. The form requires at least one file. 
  3. Our website is on a fairly basic server, and may be slower than other websites dealing with large files. 
  4. Press “Submit” at the BOTTOM of the form to send it. 
File Upload and Product Specification Data

We are always eager to learn about new construction products and to make contact with specialists who can help us achieve great architecture during construction.