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Level 5 Restriction Site Visit Procedures Winter 2020

We have been working on the basis that construction and development services are currently considered essential under the government guidance on the public health restrictions. While architecture fits properly in this category; it doesn’t seem right to continue this service as usual; because our work often includes long periods of interpersonal contact, so we have taken care to maintain social distancing throughout all interactions. 


Options for Distancing

We have continued to consider different ways of ensuring safety, leading to a few different formats for our visits to sites and individual properties. These are summarised below. These primarily relate to buildings which are currently lived-in, visits to vacant buildings should be assessed by client and architect on a case by case basis and buildings under construction shall be subject to the PSCS established practices for the site.

It has been important to maintain the aspects of our services which are important to our clients, and we invite individual clients to choose one of the options below, according to their best judgment for their location, and the type of service required.   

Option 1– Fully Socially Distanced

The safest way to physically conduct a visit to a client’s home, is to do it while you aren’t physically present. A walk- through is generally essential. We can do our walk- through and take measurements with a maximum of ventilation while using a mask and hand sanitizer. We can then conduct the meeting via zoom upon returning to the office. 

This method removes most of the risk as we currently understand it, but misses out on the possibility of a real face to face chat. This also takes a lot longer overall because we need to effectively schedule two appointment times in addition to travelling to and from the house.

For this reason we have decided to charge an additional €70 to cover the time needed for this procedure.

Option 2– Meet Outside at a Distance

We could also suggest that, weather permitting, we simply have the consultation outside with our coats and PPE on, perhaps at a patio table.

This is suitable for short interactions, but quickly becomes uncomfortable in winter weather, which is not conducive to in-depth discussion.

Option 3- Work off Drawings

In some circumstances, sufficient drawings exist for a design consultation to be conducted entirely off- site.

In that scenario, we could simply do everything via zoom, on one very long video conference call. 

We are happy to proceed with any of these options, based on our understanding of the restrictions and guidelines currently in place, these are all responsible and legal.

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