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Kilcastle Auctioneers

Date: June- August 2005

Services: Special Consultancy and Project Management

Diarmuid Kelly oversaw the establishment of this premises, shortly after graduating from university in 2005. He worked directly on the setup of the premises alongside the clients and assisted in designing renovations of the space, designing signage and display systems, and setting up the IT installation for this new office.


The challenge in this project was to create a working display space in a delapidated leasehold premises. The premises had originally been designed for use as a building society, and was arranged around a large central space with a high vaulted ceiling. The premises had been sub- divided into several rental units, and we removed these partitions to restore the central display space. The accommodation also included a conference room, a file store, and staff facilities.

The clients had procured a lease on the premises, and wished to limit their renovation to non- structural work, essential repairs and decoration. Further changes could have been made to create an ideal space for this use, such as new display window openings.



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