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Interior Architect- Your Design Team FAQ

Interior architects are differentiated from interior designers by the fact that they often assume a broader role than aesthetic design, and are often responsible for design and realisation of large and complex interior fit- out projects such as hotel interiors and retail spaces.

They use much of the same technology, techniques and contract administration skill as registered architects. Their projects are often very substantial in scale and monetary value.

Good interior design and interior architecture can contribute to the ultimate success of a project because they focus attention and resources on the materials and furnishings that the end user of the building will see and feel. But because these job titles are not defined in law, it is vitally important to check references, visit their previous buildings and speak to their previous clients.Some interior projects will fall within the scope of the Health and Safety Regulations for construction and you may need them to act as “Project Supervisor Design Process.”In my experience, most homeowners relish undertaking this role in a hands- on way, but if you have not decorated a home before I would recommend seeking advice before investing in expensive materials and labour.

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