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Initial Consultation- Now with Online Booking


Thank  you for getting in touch, and the information provided about your new project. We are currently working through a backlog of queries from the www.dkad.ie website and calls to our office. While we hope to respond to all queries individually as time permits, initial queries can take quite a bit of time to deal with properly: to explain how our process works, talk it through so we understand it in full and then give you meaningful advice and information about the design, the budget and the various fees and costs involved.   

Online Booking for Initial Site Visits and Phone Consultations
The very best way for us to serve new clients is for you to book a block of time when we can focus on your new project in detail. To look after a new client’s initial query properly takes at least a couple of hours; we can really only provide precursory information in a quick call or email response (this is already on the DKAD website in our extensive FAQ).   

To ensure your project receives the attention it deserves, we have created an online booking system where you can book a site visit and consultation at your property or a detailed phone consultation. These and some other options can be booked on this page. 
Click Here to Book

This booking system is new, so please bear with us as we are still ironing out details. If you don’t feel you’re ready to book a consultation, and just need to know more about us and what we do, there really is a huge amount of information about us online. 

Free Resource of General Information for New Clients

There is a lot of general information about our fees and construction costs on our website, as well as a large resource of information about the process of home renovation. This frank and factual information is sufficient to answer many queries such as: how much we charge, how long planning takes, what building work costs and how how you get started.
We advise everyone to study the freely available information before booking, so our consultation can focus on your own specific projects and needs, rather than answering general queries. These articles are carefully written to assist new clients; most of our website posts evolved over many years out of emails and advice notes to actual clients in response to topical issues and common problems.    

Overview of Initial Consultation Service

Here is a good introduction to the services you will need at the very earliest stages of your project.

Carefully Crafted Initial Consultation ServicesThese services have been refined over ten years to meet new clients’ needs as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our aim is to answer the big questions which determine the viability and value of your project, so that you know whether it’s worth pursuing:

  1. Will it need planning?
  2. What will it look like?
  3. How will the new layout work, and how will the existing house be adapted?
  4. What will it roughly cost? Including an extension, renovations, upgrades to building services and project costs.
  5. How long do such projects take
  6. How will the process work for us?  

Thank you for considering DKAD architects for your project, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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