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“How Will Our Design Process Work?” A Design Process Storyboard for a Small Dining Room Extension. Architectural Practice FAQ

Nearly all our domestic clients are new to the architectural design process, to describe the service they’ll receive we like to talk through a house extension “storyboard” like this one. We have chosen a very simple project to illustrate how architects work with clients; it’s a 20 m2 dining room extension. We added an explanation to every slide to show what each drawing was for, and how it served the clients’ needs. (Prices shown were correct in early 2014.) 

This particular client requested a very low cost package of services, so these images are the bare minimum required to illustrate the architectural ideas; we usually employ much higher quality 3D graphics. To see our most luxurious design work check out our work in progress.

These are some typical questions.

  1. When and how will the budget be worked out?
  2. Will I be able to see and understand the design as it emerges?
  3. Will I have options?
  4. Will I be in control of the process, or will the architect force us to do something we don’t want or understand?
  5. Can I see how the light will work?
  6. I have picked some images out of magazines/ Pinterest boards. Can you please use those ideas?

Here’s how we work. Click into the side show and read the captions.



After the design has been agreed, and the client has a clear statement of what they want, we commence a technical design process.

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