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Luxury Residence Malahide Dublin

Date: Completed November 2010

Construction Period: 16 weeks

Budget: Not Disclosed

Services Provided: Design and visualisation, production information and construction stage services.


The clients approached DKAD to design changes to a large existing house. The clients had a clear and well developed concept which they had developed in their minds over a number of years, and DKAD provided a range of services to translate this concept into a completed family home. They required additional bedrooms for their growing family and also wished to improve the character and quality of the living space by adding new openings with floor to ceiling glazing. It was important that the new bedrooms would be large enough for each member of the family to have a substantial double bedroom, and the spatial layout needed to be sufficiently refined to ensure that each appliance and piece of furniture they wanted would fit comfortably into the design.

DKAD prepared a series of plans, layouts and computer graphics to clearly define the sorts of spaces and interiors that would be achieved. When the clients were satisfied that the design would meet their specific needs, detailed construction drawings were prepared and full construction stage services were provided.

This project involved the partial demolition and reconstruction of an existing luxury home to remodel and extend it to over 2800 square feet including three living spaces, and six double bedrooms. This project comprised a number of considerable technical challenges which had to accommodated within a very tight deadline imposed by the clients. I acted as architect for the technical design and construction phases; I collated design requirements from engineers, consultants and suppliers into a fully specified design within a few short weeks in order to meet the client’s deadline.

I designed a very detailed structure, innovative spatial layout and luxurious specification. This project required the insertion of a pre- fabricated steel frame into the existing masonry building; I prepared a complete layout and steel-fabrication drawings, based on the engineer’s requirements, to a tolerance of 5mm based on exhaustive structural surveys.

The project also included many other technical challenges and high specification elements which I sourced, designed and specified, including:

  • Solid hardwood sliding panel glazing,
  • Electrical and conventional underfloor heating,
  • Wet- room shower- areas,
  • Super- insulation throughout the existing structure and new addition,,
  • A high specification services installation including three- zone heating, and three- phase electrical supply
  • High and low voltage electrical wiring and detailed lighting design throughout.

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