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Full Architectural Service

Architects work for clients under a standard contract, produced by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. This agreement takes account of all the needs a client might have, and sets out simple terms regarding payment to the architect, and delivery of services to the client. Such contracts are available from the RIAI, and the main principles of the agreement are:

  1. A small deposit is paid before design work commences, or a portion of the fee is agreed to be paid on an ongoing basis or “retainer” over the course of the design process.
  2. The architect is authorised to design and procure your building in a way that gives you the full benefit of their skills.
  3. Design work may be calculated on a flat fee basis, or a percentage of the construction cost, or an hourly rate, subject to agreement.
  4. The services are broken down into four logical stages, and payment is typically due at the end of each major stage: 1. Design of the scheme. 2. Planning permission. 3. Technical design and finding builder. 4. Inspection of the construction process.
  5. A full breakdown of the work to be provided by the architect is listed in the agreement, and the charges can increase if clients request additional work, or for specific reasons stated in the contract.

In effect, “full architectural service” is the highest level of service a client can avail of, and the only service package which will result in a proper “architect designed” building. The architect effectively acts as your agent for all matters relating to design and construction. If a client desires a high standard of finish and architectural design, the full service model is the only practical option.

While initial consultations at the DKAD offices are free, we do not start design work unless a formal fee agreement has been signed by the client.