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This section of the DKAD website provides files, tables and information which clients may find useful in choosing from our range of services. It is also a resource for clients from outside Dublin who wish to correspond with DKAD by phone and email.

Specific Services Downloads

DKAD Fee Agreement for Specific and Ad Hoc Services

Virtual House Extension Service Downloads

Client Booking form for Virtual House Extension Service Package

Table Showing Relative Benefits of Visualisation Products

Client Briefing Checklists & Guidance Documents

These documents are made available to assist clients in determining and analysing the brief of their projects; they are effectively check- lists which cover the information an architect will gather at an initial client consultation.They can help clients clarify exactly what they want before engaging an architect, and they can be a useful part of the online Q & A service.

They are useful when preparing for a “Simon Open Door” one- hour charity consultation because they ensure that the architect has all relevant information before the meeting, allowing you to get maximum value from your consultation.

List of Rooms, Sizes and Facilities for Generic Luxury Home

Pre- consultation Client Checklist and Survey Template for House Extension Project