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Choosing Your Builder 4- Resources for Getting the Job Done

This post is part of a series of 6 listing 30 checks to consider when selecting a building contractor. 

At time of writing, Summer 2017, the building industry is currently experiencing a labour shortage. Most main building contractors have few direct employees, with most skilled work being undertaken by subcontractors with their own resources. While this is ultimately a more expensive and less profitable way to procure labour and resources, main contractors can undertake relatively large projects with surprisingly little equipment and staff of their own.

Physical equipment and resources are easy to rent on a “pay as you go” basis, and are not barriers to successful completion of projects.  

Consider what level your contractor will deliver under each of these headings, and discuss with your architect how that will affect your experience of the construction process.

Contractor Service Levels- Pressure Points for Customer Experience 

Low- description of contractor services at lowest merchantable standard

Medium – description of services of typical competent contractor

High- services at unusually high level within norms of small scale construction

Physical resources, vehicles, heavy machinery and equipment

Low: van and hand- held tools; also relationships with hire companies for most equipment, and well equipped sub- contractors with own resources.  Medium: larger vans/ small trucks, with some larger items of heavy machinery. General hand held tools.  High: vans, lifting equipment and heavy transport equipment, with some larger items of heavy machinery. General hand held tools. Relationships with hire companies, for specialist heavy machinery on ad hoc basis. 


Low: no premises.  Medium: yard, garage or workshop space with some equipment storage.  High: warehouse or workshop space with storage and facilities for administration and off site manufacture or assembly.

Essentials- intangible qualities of every professional builder
Links to Study the Six Categories

  1. Essentials- intangible qualities of every professional builder
  2. Management of Time and Money
  3. Resources for Customer Service
  4. Resources for Getting the Job Done
  5. Achieving Quality
  6. Set-up and Accreditation

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