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Cafe Rebranding Dublin 2



Date: 2009

Services Provided: Image Design, Interior Design, New Spatial Layout, Costing of kitchen Re-Fit, Project Management.


The premises was an established cafe which had begun to suffer the effects of the economic crisis and needed a fresh new image. It had been built and furnished roughly ten years earlier, and had traded successfully for several years until it experienced a sharp decline in turnover. It required a new and clean image, and a low- cost/ high- value refurbishment that would allow it to attract customers without significant capital outlay.


The premises were in fairly good structural order, and had a substantial amount of equipment, furniture and fittings in their stores. The cafe was functional, however it looked dated, it needed to be redecorated and the products on offer were entirely generic. The rebranding sought to use minimal means to achieve maximum effect by using and reusing as much of the existing plant and stock as possible. Our starting point was to list the elements of the business’s image that could be changed quickly and cheaply. These factors included both the design and layout of the space as a customer service experience, and the way the business itself was organised within the constraints of this small retain unit.

Combined Design and Marketing Approach

In order to reinvent the business using  factors that could be altered cheaply, the project was considered as a unified synthesis of marketing and design issues. In addition to changing the design and content of the menu and the product offering, the design of the space, the staff training and the graphic identity of the business were considered comprehensively. The business processes and business premises were reinvented in tandem to create an experience that would appeal to the target market.

This approach had the benefit of substantially refreshing the image of the business with a very small capital spend.

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