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When Will I Know Exactly What My New Home Will Cost?

As a construction project progresses through the architectural design process, the definition of the budget increases at key stages. At the earliest design stage, the budget begins as an architect’s estimate based on their experience working with similar projects. When design drawings are produced, they can be referred to a quantity surveyor for a cost plan to guide decisions in a more detailed way. Several builders may provide quotations for the work, which must be checked and may be subject to additional negotiation.

Rear Roofline Victorian Terrace with many Old Extensions and Structures

I am selling a house with an old extension; the solicitors have asked for “Architect’s Opinions on Compliance”. Can you do this?

This is an extremely common problem when selling any property built before 1990, frustrating many property transactions. There needs to be far greater awareness of this issue, particulalry among first time buyers and inexperienced investors. In short we need to do a days work to see if we can help you, and the biggest thing we can do for you is create a statement of the compliace status of the building or structure to properly inform the parties involved.

Suburban House in Deep Shade

Budget Range: Less than €100,000Location: Rathfarnham, Dublin Brief: Our clients were a couple with a grown up family, no longer...

Attic Conversions- What You Really Need to Know

Attic conversions have always been a popular option for low cost storage space or another bedroom. The standard of construction was historically poor. Converting at attic to proper standards is not difficult, but it but it's no longer a "low cost" option. Beware of companies offering to convert your attic cheaply. They could create expensive and potentially dangerous defects.

Daylight Analysis Analytical Mesh

How Do I Know a Daylight Analysis Report Has been Prepared Properly and Honestly?

Daylight and overshadowing are primary concerns for building designers, but are also emotive surrogate issues for land owners competing for comfort and space in our urban areas. When faced with a long technical report, how do you know it's trustworthy? This article describes the quantitative process which should be used to create proper professional opinions as to the adequacy of light in and around new buildings.

A lovely Christmas gift from a happy client

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2020- 2021

DKAD shall close from Friday 18th December, and shall reopen during the week of the 4th January 2021.

Level 5 Restriction Site Visit Procedures Winter 2020

We have been working on the basis that construction and development services are currently considered essential under the government guidance...

Fully Socially Distanced Site Visit Procedure for Initial Consultations

In response to renewed Covid19 restrictions, we have developed a procedure for initial consultation site visits with no interpersonal contact.

Initial Consultation- Now with Online Booking

Thank  you for getting in touch, and the information provided about your new project. We are currently working through a...

DKAD Covid19 Procedure for Initial Consultation Service, Design Meetings and Meetings at Clients’ Homes

Covid19 and Social Distancing Procedures for Initial Consultation Service In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have adopted the...

Sky Arc House

Budget and Brief Budget €130,000 Approx. Area of addition 46m2. Completed 2017 In the 1990’s, new housing estates were deliberately...

The Right Advice at the Right Time- Positive Feedback from A Client for our Initial Consultation Service

Over the last couple of years, escalating construction costs and intense competition among house buyers have created a situation where...

Urban Cottage for a Writer, The Liberties, Dublin

Budget: €38,000 Location: The Liberties, Dublin 8. This was the smallest construction project we have done in the last few...

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Thanks to the RIAI for publishing our guide to designing and buying a new kitchen for your home, seen here in last week’s Sunday Independent

Delighted to share this advice on kitchen design and procurement in last week’s Sunday Independent, thanks to the Royal Institute...

Frozen Rainwater Hopper

A Home Owner’s Winter Storm Damage Check-list

In Ireland, major snow storms happen every few decades. Snow build-up can affect buildings in complex and unexpected ways; what...

Excellent Feeback from Ciarán and Rachel on their New Extension

“The experience of working with Diarmuid and his team has been excellent. We have found him to be honest, professional,...

Can I Extend and Renovate my “Fixer Upper” for €100,000? A First Time Buyer’s Renovation Budget Explained

In 2013, €100,000 was like a king’s ransom to most businesses in the Irish construction industry. Now clients approach us...

Why are Architectural Fees for “Tiny” Projects Prohibitively High?

We recently received a Quotation Request Form from a new client, relating to a really small front porch for their...

Various Forms Used During the Construction Process

Correct Flow of Information During Construction

The roles of all the parties working on the project are clearly defined in the building contract, and in the...

A Typical Site Inspection

What Does the Architect Do During Construction? Construction Stage Services FAQ

First – time clients are often confused about what we architects do during construction. Architects do not direct day to...

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