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Apartment Construction Stage Services- Samples of Previous Technical Design Work

After planning permission has been secured for a housing development, and a decision has been made to proceed to construction, you need a package of services from your design team to make the building a reality.

At DKAD, we regard each of these steps as an opportunity to add value to your project by:

  1. Making the most of design technology to give you a complete understanding of the building from the earliest stages in the design process
  2. Leveraging strong relationships with contractors and sub contractors to negotiate viable and advantageous construction contracts
  3. Using additional data required for Building Control, to create valuable management data

We have a proven track record of delivering design and procurement services at all design stages for commercial and public sector clients. This experience gives us an excellent understanding of the legislative environment and the available products and services for efficient compliance with all aspects of building control.

Our design skills and technology develop continuously and we offer the benefit of a BIM workflow and a luxury residential design portfolio. When competing for finance or selling homes in a competitive market retaining a design firm at the heart of your project team demonstrates a singular commitment to quality to stakeholders.

Diarmuid Kelly has prepared drawings for the design of several apartment buildings; these drawings were prepared under the direction of Collins Maher Martin Architects, while he was employed by them. Please read the important copyright note below. These designs are the result of an exhaustive technical design process to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations, and the Planning System.



This section of the DKAD website displays examples of work carried out by Diarmuid Kelly prior to setting up DKAD. This work was completed while he was employed by other architectural practices. These drawings are shown for the purposes of demonstrating the skills and past employment history of Diarmuid Kelly. The copyright owners of these drawings are Collins Maher Martin Architects, Rathfarnham, Dublin; and they have kindly authorised their use on this website. These drawings, their graphic content, annotations, and all other elements of the data provided may not be used for any commercial purpose.

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