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About this Website

The mission of DKAD is to provide innovative value- adding design to home owners and small business. This website is designed and edited to enable prospective clients to gain a clear picture of what we do and how we work with our clients. Choosing an architect is a very important decision for anyone wishing to undertake building- work, and we have designed this site to provide information in a clear and accessible way so that you can be sure we’re the right architects for you. We hope that it will give you a good idea of who we are, and our design ethos. Please feel free to contact Diarmuid Kelly by telephone if you would like any additional information.

Case Study Structure

All projects are different, and all clients have different priorities. For example, some clients for house- extensions simply wish to add as much new space as possible within their budget, whereas others desire smaller extensions with luxurious materials and high- spec appliances. We listen to clients, understand their needs, and respect their budgets. The projects described on this site include pictures of our finished buildings and the design drawings and models which we used to communicate our vision to the clients. The case- study structure allows prospective clients to see what past customers asked us for, and how we achieved it within their budget.

Sometimes our clients really just need simple logical solutions, and this outstanding design work can actually look quite plain in photographs, but we take pride in our buildings whether they are built from ordinary concrete blocks, or stylish glass and steel. Professional client- service demands that we put the needs of the client before the need to produce attractive pictures for architecture magazines. If you take the time to read the case studies on this site, it will be clear that some of our best design work has resulted in buildings of simple construction which represent outstanding solutions to our clients’ needs.

Policy on Digital Images

This site includes digital images prepared as part of the design process; however, the pictures of the finished buildings have not been significantly altered or “Photo-shopped”. Many photographs taken for marketing properties and promoting architectural practices are digitally altered to the point of being purely aspirational, and are not “real- life” pictures of buildings that have actually been built. It can often be difficult for prospective clients to tell which images are real and which are computer- generated.

Most of the photographs of buildings shown on this website are an honest representation of work that has been paid for and built in Ireland during the challenging period from 2008 to 2013.

Where photographic images are in fact computer- generated, they are clearly labelled or identifiable  as such.