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We’ve Decided to Hire an Architect for Our Home. How Do We Get Started? Architectural Practice FAQ

A new client contacted us by email, to ask how much it costs for an initial call-out and consultation. They wanted to know what the outcome of the visit would be. This was our response.

Our process usually starts with an initial meeting at your house; when we spend a couple of hours with you, do some sketch designs and walk through the property. Most clients consider it to be great value for money.

The meeting serves a number of purposes:

  • It lets us get a sense of the project, and lets you explain your needs to a highly qualified professional.
  • It allows you to ask any questions you may have about the construction process and to talk through your own ideas for how the design might work.
  • Importantly, it’s also a chance to get to know each other; for you to get a sense of how we work and how we might work together over the course of the project.
  • We can nearly always show you examples of very similar projects, and explain what similar projects actually cost to build.
  • The likely budget is often foremost in clients’ minds; our design work allows them to see the value they will receive in terms of space, usability and improved aesthetics.
  • We show you design work from previous projects and this lets you see the type of approach we would use to find the solution for your needs.
  • It often takes about an hour to fully explain the process of designing a building, working with an architect, getting planning permission and managing a project through construction.

At the end of the meeting, you will typically have:

  1. A rough sketch of how an extension or internal renovation might be laid out.
  2. An assessment of whether or not the works discussed will require planning permission or other consents.
  3. An initial architect’s estimate of construction cost for your project.
  4. Answers to any questions you may have.

Overall, the initial meeting tells you if the project you have in mind is physically possible and financially viable, and what level of value you will receive from our services.

This costs €135 in the Greater Dublin Area, and an additional travel charge will apply to meetings further afield.

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